Sunday, March 4, 2012

Warming the House and Hearts

Veeda katti paaru, kalyaanatha senju paaru!! 

Man I have been saying this oer and oer again and yet I am appalled at that sincerity of the person who coined this adage! Past few months have been super strenuous, trying to work on the house. Calling for Plumbers, electricians, tile layers and what nots. To see that innocently bleak place turn into my home, meine Hause and all that!

We went shopping for tiles, at least 3 days. When we finally zeroed in, the stocks bailed out. And day 4, Herr and Madschen were left to choose a different tile altogether! The cost of company tiles, Gujrat tiles, pretty motifs, extremely grandiose motifs, Kitchen concepts – Ask me. Just dial 9884###### and I am all there to help you. Conditions apply… :P

L to R, while Shopping for Hobs, Kitchen Concepts, LCD space minimization(Uncle's hz) and TILES (tres difficile)

Designer lights.
I will not call it chandelier; chandelier is something that was in my Mom’s place… large, regal and all that… but what we chose were “designer lights” as I would coarsely loosely and stoneheartedly put it. Herr was absolutely against crystals chandeliers *glass shattering sound* just broke my bloody heart, left it bleeding and yeah.. sighs.. sometimes you have to put up with the upper hand these men hold *shout outs of women freedom slogans* So then, yeah cutting out that drama – we shopped like MAD crazy twosome, in and along the streets of Teynampet, the light market. Wondrous design, super wholesale prices! Woo hoo! There is light at the end of the tunnel finally amigo!

Left : Simple machine for a preview  Right: Choosing the right Border-tile

Kuthu Vizhakku
Yippe Yippe yay yay *break dance at the fact I am still alive* ALL around the streets of Parry’s corner’s brass bazaar, along with the plumpy darling mumsie, uncle and aunt. I went street after street, shop after shop; much to the dismayal of my aunt. Much to the mounting the anger in my mama’s eyes… gawwwwwd he could have killed me with his glare! Who cared mojos? All I wanted was that right “annam” not some jimpilikaa pilaapi that sits on my Pooja room all right.. :P Flip side for the day – mom had sore feet.. poor sweetums L Positive side forever, the WHOLE of extended family is happy with the Kuthu Vizhakku.. Happy with it! Happy with it! Happy with it! *Walking like an Egyptian...woo hoo!* 

Those beauties adorn my Pooja now!

Paints… call Manoj a killer.. seriously. These men are color blind bats, who just fail to see any other color other than cream. Do bats see cream you ask me? I wonder. So, beiges, mauves and creams it was. And the men once again won it.. Score two all. 

For a person who cooks SO much, the kitchen though not sprawling, was turned into a very pretty lass by two men – dad and hub, meticulous calculations, measurements to for the kitchen sink; that hunt for the right hob that doesn’t exceed 20’’, draft of tile pattern + motifs based on one tiles size. I don’t think anyone (who has bought the house, but not built it) would consider all these! I now not only know where my fennel, custard seeds are, but I also know the width of my granite slab, length of the cupboard ya da ya da… so much to explain “strenuous”  

Invitation selection, printing was nothing, when we knew the larger task of “giving it” was yet to come K There are sure cons of being born in a LARGE family, reader-agha! FIVE DAYS… and more… gawdawfulthing in the Indian custom. Why don’t paatis use emails anymore? (*yeah I am selfish.. is this some of your Eureka moments worsties? Silently sniggers*)

Grahapravesham 6th, February, 2012

Iyer, catering, return gift ideas were initiated by Hema atha (the mom double) and my mom. Extremely long and strong helping hands!  The function so cruelly scheduled between 4.30 and 6.30 AM gave us ample time and room to sleep… yeah that was sarcasm if it didn’t hit you at first.. 

Anddddd the girl-trio decidedly headed to the new home… colors + colors (gals, powder-colors resply) to make this beautiful rangoli. Too many cooks spoil the broth, but this ain’t broth buddy! The house was SO filled with gaiety and I just indulged, danced and dwindled in that gaiety! :)

NO more words guys. Seriously. I aint boring you to death cos if you die, I should again come and visit you. I am already tired.. with post function trauma, packers and movers. So please guys, read no post that can put you to sleep, let alone permanent sleep! Be alive, kicking and happy most of all. Cos, there is gonna be more of me! And its never more of me without you! *senti tears* Kaps!

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